How to keep children safe – some important advice for Parents

Advice to Parents on keeping their children safe


How to keep children safe – some important advice for Parents

Children are the most important gift to us from God Almighty. They are the little angels and fairies sent to us to give us joy, hope and the twinkle in our eyes. Nevertheless children are a huge responsibility too. They are really hyperactive imps innocently exploring their new world.

As parents we have a constant worry whether they are safe, are healthy and happy.

Here are some important advices for Parents:

  1. Leaving them alone at home or with strangers: Try to avoid this as much as possible. Children are very trusting and curious. Leaving them all alone will create fear in their minds. They could harm themselves when they are alone all by themselves with something as innocuous as a Lego piece. Leaving them even for 15 minutes with a stranger could be very dangerous. There are many perverts in this world.
  1. Having electric sockets within their reach: Kids will put their fingers into any hole they see. Make sure all your electric wiring is at least 3 feet above the ground. Kids can get seriously injured with even small electric shocks so make sure your electronic gadget sockets are all earthed properly and fuse is in good condition.
  1. Leaving them unattended near swimming pools: While it is very exciting for kids to swim in water, there is a real risk of drowning in pools. You must make sure you are watching your kid at all times even if the water is coming only up to their waist. Try not to send someone else to watch over your kids in pools.
  1. Having sharp objects around kids: Never leave sharp objects like knives, scissors, nail cutter, fork, sharp pencil, blade near your kids. Kids tend to fight with sharp objects and can seriously harm their eyes while playing with it. Moreover, even a small scratch elsewhere can be very painful to your kid’s sensitive skin and can get infected.
  1. No first aid kit at home: Do make sure you have a first aid kit at home that is reachable when kids are around. Simple cuts, bruises and burns need immediate attention and can be easily healed with ointments and band aids.


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